Advancing our understanding of the mechanisms that govern organelle and lipid homeostasis in health and disease

The Olzmann research group employs a combination of systems biology, chemical biology, and cell biology strategies to elucidate the principles of organelle biogenesis and lipid homeostasis. We are particularly interested in understanding the regulation and functions of neutral lipid storage organelles called lipid droplets. Dysregulation of lipid droplets and lipid metabolism has been implicated in the pathogenesis of numerous diseases, including prevalent metabolic diseases (e.g. obesity and fatty liver disease) and cancer. We are also interested in dissecting the cellular mechanisms that prevent lipotoxic damage, such as the accumulation of oxidatively damaged phospholipids that occurs during ferroptosis. Leveraging genetic approaches, we identify ferroptosis resistance factors that can be therapeutically targeted as a potential new strategy to treat therapy-resistant forms of cancer.


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Develops a proximity labeling proteomic approach to define high confidence lipid droplet proteomes

Identification of the CoQ oxidoreductase FSP1 as a ferroptosis suppressor in cancer

Review of lipid droplet biogenesis and cellular functions