The Olzmann lab is committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in STEM. We strive to develop a supportive environment that is conducive to open communication, collaboration, and innovation. We embrace our common excitement and passion for scientific discovery, and work as a team to tackle challenging problems in cell biology.

‘‘A lab is a nurturing environment that aims to maximize the potential of students as scientists and as human beings.’’ – Uri Alon (Mol Cell 2009)

"A well-functioning scientific laboratory is like a family. It is a place of wonderful social interactions and an environment that provides a support structure."

– Ron Vale (Cell 2019)

James Olzmann, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, 

UC Berkeley


Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

olzmann "at" berkeley.edu

Postdoctoral – Stanford

Ph.D. – Emory

B.S. – Michigan

Zhipeng Li, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

li.zhipeng "at" berkeley.edu

Ph.D. – Mayo Clinic

B.S. – China Agricultural University (CAU)

Kirandeep Deol, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. – U Mass Amherst

M.S. – U Wisconsin

B.S. – San Jose State

Joseph Hendricks

Graduate Student

Metabolic Biology

j.hendricks "at" berkeley.edu

B.S. – UC Berkeley

Sarah Morris

Graduate Student

Comparative Biochemistry


sns_morris "at" berkeley.edu

M.S. – Southern Methodist


B.S. – Brown University

Alyssa Mathiowetz

Graduate Student

Metabolic Biology

NSF Graduate Fellow

alyssamathiowetz "at" berkeley.edu

B.S. – U Connecticut

Milton To

Graduate Student

Comparative Biochemistry

miltonto "at" berkeley.edu

B.A. – UC Berkeley

Clark Peterson

Graduate Student

Metabolic Biology

cp "at" berkeley.edu

B.S./B.S. – Oregon State

Melissa Roberts

Graduate Student

Metabolic Biology



melissaroberts "at" berkeley.edu

Cody Doubravsky

Undergraduate research assistant

Nutritional Sciences: Physiology and Metabolism

cdoubravsky "at" berkeley.edu

Emilee Easter

Undergraduate research assistant

Molecular and Cell Biology

emileeseaster "at" berkeley.edu

Barbara Shvareva

Undergraduate research assistant

Molecular and Cell Biology

vashvareva "at" berkeley.edu

Spike, Ph.D.

Lab Mascot

Emotional support

Nap taker

Postdoctoral – UC Berkeley

Ph.D. – Stanford

B.S. – UC Davis



Current position

Olzmann lab position

Kirill Bersuker, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (2015-2019)

Scientist, Calico

Truc Nguyen, PhD

Graduate Student (Met Biol) (2014-2019)

Scientist, Frontier Medicine

Emily Lingeman, PhD

Graduate Student (Mol Cell Biol, joint with Jacob Corn lab) (2018-2019)

Consultant, Boston Consulting Group

Edmond Huang, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (2013-17)

Scientist, Celgene: Translational Development

Lorraine Ador Dionisio

Undergraduate Researcher (2015-2019)

Student, UC Berkeley

Jada Cho

Undergraduate Researcher (2016-2018)

Research Associate, Stanford (Kopito lab)

Leana Frankul

Undergraduate Researcher (2017-2018)

Research Assistant, Scripps Green Hospital

Katherine Baney

Undergraduate Researcher (2017)

Student, UC Berkeley

Erica Tran

Undergraduate Researcher (2015-17)

Medical student, Keck Med School USC

Quan Tran

Undergraduate Researcher (2014-16)

Medical student, Stanford 

Mercedes Forster

Undergraduate Researcher (2013-16)

Medical Student, Quinnipiac University

John Lew

Undergraduate Researcher (2014-16)

Registered dietician

Serina Gee

Undergraduate Researcher (2014-15)

Medical student, UCLA

Tiffany Wu

Undergraduate Researcher (2013-16)

Medical student, Case Western

Lawrence Bacudio

Amgen Summer Student (2017)

Research specialist, UNC Chapel Hill

Abigail Edwards

TTE Synberc Summer student (2014)

Student, UCLA

University of California, Berkeley

Department of Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology